i.Lab Incubator

The i.Lab Incubator provides a goal-oriented, guided-learning program for student founders of innovative ventures. The incubator is an initiative of the Batten Institute at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, which has sponsored an early-stage, summer incubator program for over twenty years. 

Suited to founders who are at the stage of testing, iterating, and validating solutions to perceived problems, the incubator facilitates accelerated learning and venture growth. The program offers an immersive experience for founders with a passion for addressing problems with meaningful solutions. At a minimum, founders need some version of the solution, or minimum viable product (MVP), to participate.

Catalyst Accelerator

Catalyst is a long-format accelerator, providing high-potential startups in central Virginia with nine months of program support, including: $20,000 in grant funding, dedicated workspace, experienced founders-in-residence, monthly programming, dedicated staff, a large network of industry experts, and access to nearly $50,000 in additional resources.