Concept Competition - Awards & Payment


$25,000 in total awards!

From the pool of submissions for the Concept Competition, ten venture teams will be selected to present for the Finals in each of the Five Tracks. That means a total of fifty student ventures will be presenting their venture ideas to the experienced executives, founders, and investors who will be judging the event.

The top 5 teams from each of the five Tracks will win $1000.

  • Health Care Services & Technologies
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Consumer/Business-to-Business
  • Science/Technology/Innovation
  • UVA-Wise

2020 Venture Lab Opportunity for Concept Winners

The top five projects selected in each of the five Tracks will also be invited to apply for early selection to the 2020 Venture Lab (we have renamed the summer Incubator program). Teams interested in this early application will receive a request to meet with Jason Brewster, Director of the program, who will gather additional information about interested teams and their projects. Applying teams will then meet with the Incubator selection committee (December 6, 2019), with final decisions announced in December 2019.

Finalists MUST complete the Payment Form

Only currently enrolled UVA students may receive award winnings. Finalists completing the payments sign-off form must list 0 for the percentage breakdown for those team members that are not currently enrolled students.

Note: If you have any outstanding bills in your student account (i.e. tuition, books, etc.), your award winnings will go against those charges.

Advice for Students Who Receive Financial Aid from the University of Virginia

Please note that if you are a UVA student who receives financial aid, any award you win could impact your financial aid package (unless you are incorporated and plan to receive the award through that entity). If you plan to compete in one or more of these competitions, and you receive financial aid, please speak to your school’s financial aid adviser, prior to the competition.