Concept Competition - Eligibility

The UVa Entrepreneurship Cup has been created for current students of the University of Virginia.

Team Members

i.    Any team with an undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in a degree program at UVA, or post-doctoral trainees at the University, may enter the competition. Faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to participate by providing advice or mentoring and can be listed as team members.

ii.    A maximum 6 people are allowed on each team.

iii.    At least one UVA team member has to be physically present to be in the finals. Video conferencing is not allowed for in person competitions. * Please see modified plans with respect to the Covid-19 impact on DEADLINE & REQUIREMENTS under FINAL COMPETITION REQUIREMENTS.

iv.    If an entrant is in the finals for more than one submission, that entrant can only present for ONE presentation in the final competition.

v.    Only current UVA students may participate in the team’s presentation including Q&A.

Selecting a Track

You may submit your concept to only ONE themed Track. Students are encouraged to form interdisciplinary teams and collaborate across schools. Each concept, however, may only be submitted to one Track. Submitting the same concept to multiple Tracks will result in disqualification. Students are able to submit multiple ideas to distinct track(s).

Previous Participation

Projects that have received an award in any of the stages of the UVA E-Cup Competition, or have participated in the Darden incubator program, are not eligible to participate in the Concept Competition.


Business projects that have generated greater than $75,000 in revenue, are or were part of another project, or raised funding other than from the team members are not eligible to participate.

Concepts based entirely on externally funded research may not compete, but new applications of UVa funded research may compete. In order to compete, participants must have legal access to, ownership of or written permission from the owners of the technology they are presenting.

Prize Distribution

i.    Teams invited to present in a track competition will be required to submit documentation describing how any prize monies are to be divided among team members.  Each team member must sign off on these distribution details prior to the Final presentations.  Only currently enrolled UVA students may receive prize monies.  Finalists completing the payments sign-off form must list 0 for the percentage breakdown for those team members that are not currently enrolled students. See the Awards section for the payment form and information for those that have financial aid.