Concept Competition - Tracks

The five Tracks for Concept Competition are listed below, along with descriptions and submissions details. Choose a track after navigating through the track descriptions below.

While your concept may seem appropriate for more than one track, you must choose ONE track to enter. Not sure which track to choose? Email one of the point of contacts from the tracks below!

Health Care Services & Technologies Track

Hosted by: School of Medicine, School of Nursing, i.Lab at UVA
Submissions Due: NOON (12PM EST) on Friday, October 23, 2020
Competition Date and Time: TBD
Location: Virtual
Number of Winners: 5
Point of Contact: David Chen ( with Medical and Virginia LeBaron ( with Nursing

Description: Health Care Services & Technologies – new applications of university based research, capstone projects, any product or service where the primary customers would be hospitals, health and wellness centers or medical professionals.

Alternative: Drugs, medical devices, or any technology which the primary goal is health of a human or animal.

Examples: A new method for hand-washing in hospitals; A new wearable device to manage medication; A new sensor technology to enable care of loved ones; A new device for measuring insulin levels

Social Entrepreneurship Track

Hosted by: Batten, Curry, Architecture
Submissions Due: NOON (12PM EST) on Friday, October 23, 2020
Competition Date and Time: Friday, November 13, 2020 at 5PM EDT
Location: Virtual
Number of Winners: 5
Point of Contact: Laura Toscano ( with Batten School, Elgin Cleckley with Architecture (, Matthew Wheelock with Curry (

Description: Projects in this track are sustainable business models with a mission to have a positive social impact. These social ventures may be for-profit or non-profit but they must be financially sustainable – that is, have a business model if for profit or a revenue generating model if non-profit, also referred to as an earned income stream. Concepts should consider their “triple bottom line” – financial sustainability, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. “Financial Sustainability” means that the concept should include how the entity will earn revenue to continue operating over time (i.e. not grant or charity based). The social impact for a for-profit is credited more when the mission of the venture is well integrated with how the venture generates income, for example a one-for-one model is stronger than a model where a percentage of profits is donated to a charity.

Examples of Social Enterprises: TOMS shoes, Warby Parker, Ethos Water (one for one models), Solar City (clean energy), Seventh Generation (environmentally friendly consumer goods), Graystone Bakery, Women’s Bean Project (employment for empowerment), or Impact Makers (consulting for good).

Consumer/Business-to-Business Track

Hosted by: Darden/McIntire School of Commerce 
Submissions Due: NOON (12PM EST) on Friday, October 23, 2020
Competition Date and Time: Friday, Novmeber 13, 2020; Time TBD
Location: Virtual
Number of Winners: 5
Point of Contact: MJ Toms ( and Madelyn Taylor ( with Darden, and Eric Martin ( with McIntire

Description: Projects in this Track focus upon some new market category as yet unmet, or some pre-existing market need/want that is underserved—with either potential as customers, consumers or businesses. Meeting these needs/wants may not require any scientific breakthroughs. Instead, your project makes use of what’s available, perhaps in a novel way, to develop a compelling, even—dare we say—sophisticated solution.

Examples: An online marketplace for connecting fashion designers with feedback and customers; A new, healthy-food service on the Corner; A social media app that makes it easier to plan group events; A platform that helps private schools manage their finances and operations.

Science/Technology/Innovation Track

Hosted by: School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Law, College of Arts & Sciences
Submissions Due: NOON on Friday, October 23, 2020
Competition Date and time: Thurday, November 12, 2020 at 5PM EDT
Location: Virtual 
Number of Winners: 5
Point of Contact: David Touve ( with Darden, Clare Lewis ( with School of Law, Rachel Most ( with Arts & Sciences, Jim Cheng ( with Engineering

Examples: Description: Projects in this track have drawn on science engineering, computer science, intellectual property, and/or math to develop solutions to meet or solve a societal or consumer need. The underlying discovery or innovation can originate from any of the sciences: materials, chemical, aerospace, electrical, computing, biology, physics, math, etc.

• Chip enabled credit cards
• Process for recycling gray water
• Smart cars
• Solar roadways
• Micro-plastics filters
• Cyber security systems

UVA-Wise (for students who attend UVA College at Wise ONLY!)

Hosted by: UVA-Wise
Submissions Due: NOON on Friday, October 23, 2020
Competition Date and time: TBD
Location: Virtual
Point of Contact: Joshua Sawyers ( and McKenna Blevins ( with UVA Wise

Description: This track is for all projects competing in the E-Cup via UVA-Wise.