Advisory Council

Anselmo Canfora

School of Architecture
Associate Professor; Director, Architecture Graduate Program; Director, Architectural Design Thinking Concentration

Bernard Carlson

School of Engineering and Applied Science
Professor and Chair of Engineering & Society

Sean Carr

Darden School of Business
Assistant Professor; Executive Director, Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Tom Faulders

University of Virginia Alumni Association
President & CEO

Ron Hutchins

University of Virginia
Vice President for Information Technology

David Lapinski

U.Va. Career Center
Director of Employer Relations

John Lazo

School of Medicine
Associate Dean for Basic Research

Stephen Levine

School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Director of the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program

Christine Mahoney

Frank Batten School of Public Policy
Associate Professor; Director, SE@UVA

Eric Martin

McIntire School of Commerce
Director, Galant Center for Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Pyle

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Associate Director for Technology Entrepreneurship; Director, UVA I-Corps Program

Leonard Schoppa

College of Arts & Sciences
Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and Professor of Politics

Michael Straightiff

U.Va. Licensing & Ventures Group
Executive Director

Justin Thompson

Curry School of Education
Associate Dean for Management and Planning

David Touve

i.Lab at UVA

Kenneth White

School of Nursing
Associate Dean for Strategic Partnerships & Innovation at the School of Nursing

Andrew Vollmer

School of Law
Director, John W. Glynn, Jr. Law & Business Program

Cheryl Wagner

Office of the Vice President of Research
Chief of Staff