A quick search on LinkedIn using the keywords “University of Virginia” and “Founder” leads to nearly 15,000 results. In that context, the following list captures only a small proportion of the population of UVA Alumni Entrepreneurs.

Ross Baird
Village Capital, Founder & Executive Director

James Barrett
Tenant Turner, co-founder and Head of Business Development

Frank Batten
Landmark Communications, Chairman
The Weather Channel, Founder

Cali Brutz
Borrowing Magnolia, Co-founder

Zach Buckner
Relay Foods, Founder & CEO

John Campbell
Pyne, Co-founder

Kevin Carson
Earnest Research, Founder & CEO

Kate Clopeck
Saha Global, Co-founder & Executive Director

Andy Forch
Huckberry, Co-founder

Katie Fritts
Underclub, Founder & CEO

Mark Galant
Tydall Trading, founder.
Gain Capital, Founder and Board Member

John Griffin
Blue Ridge Capital, Founder & President.
Blue Ridge Foundation & Labs, Founder

Adam Healey
Borrowed & Blue, Co-founder & CEO. Hotelicopter (acquired by Roomkey), Co-founder

Charles Hearn
Alloy, Co-founder & CTO

Colin Hunter
Alton Lane, Co-founder & CEO

Steven Huffman
Reddit, Co-founder & CEO. Hipmunk, Co-founder.

Vanessa Hurst
Code Montage, Co-founder & CEO
Girl Develop It, Co-founder

Peyton Jenkins
Alton Lane, Co-founder

Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Skillshare, Co-founder & CEO

Yuki Kotani
Balloon, Co-founder
Harboring Hearts, Co-founder

Sarah Kearney
Prime Coalition, Founder & Executive Director

Trevor Kienzle
Correlation Ventures, Co-founder & Managing Director

Doug Lebda
LendingTree, Founder & CEO

Hilary Lewis
Lumi Juice, Founder & CEO

Tommy Nicholas
Alloy, Co-founder & CEO

Brian Nosek
Center for Open Science, Co-founder & CEO

Jacqueline Novogratz
Acumen Fund, Co-founder & CEO

Alexis Ohanian
Y-Combinator, Partner. Reddit, Co-founder. Hipmunk, Co-founder.

Stephanie Olvey
Stealth Startup. Borrowing Magnolia, Co-founder.

Tony Peccatiello
Social Starts, Principal. Pyne, Co-founder

Tarek Pertew
Uncubed, Co-Founder & CCO

Chaitenya Razdan
Care & Wear, Co-founder & CEO

Brendan Richardson
PsiKick, Co-founder & CEO

Sam Rosen
Makespace, Co-founder & CEO

Joel Selzer
ArchMedX, Co-founder & CEO

Sam Shank
Hotel Tonight, Co-Founder & CEO

Jeffrey Spies
Center for Open Science, Co-founder & CTO

Desirée Solar
Unshrinkit, Co-founder

Details Tufts
TribeTats, Co-founder & CEO

Nancy Twine
Briogeo,  Founder & CEO

Susan Tynan
Framebridge, Founder & CEO

Jaffray Woodriff
Quantitative Investment Management, Co-founder