Graduate Programs

At the Graduate level, the University's Programs and Courses include the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy Concentration within the Darden School of Business, as well as both the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic and the Patent Law and Licensing Clinic within the School of Law.

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Darden School of Business

Entrepreneurship & Innovation
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation concentration prepares students to manage the innovation process, understand critical issues for multiple stakeholders in the context of innovation, and provide skills that are essential to managing uncertainty and ambiguity.  Whether in a startup or established organizational context, this series of courses will provide insight into the challenges, methods, and best practices for creating novel and useful innovations.  

Law School

Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic at the Law School works in partnership with the Darden School of Business, which houses the MBA program at the University, to provide pro bono legal assistance to ventures participating in the Darden Business Incubator. Law students receive practical training through the clinic on how to advise startup companies and on drafting basic corporate documentation. The students then work directly with the entrepreneurs to create a legal plan for the business and execute related documents.

Patent Law and Licensing Clinic
The U.Va. Licensing & Ventures Group hosts a patent and licensing clinic offered by the U.Va. School of Law. Each semester, approximately 15 enrolled law students spend six to eight hours per week at the Licensing & Ventures Group immersed in patent drafting and the negotiation and drafting of patent license agreements. Students are taught how to evaluate inventions and computer software for patentability and commercial value; counsel inventors regarding patentability; determine inventorship; and prepare, file and prosecute provisional U.S. and international patent applications. Approximately 150 students have benefited from the Patent and Licensing Clinic since its inception.