Reddit Co-Founder Ohanian Talks Tech Entrepreneurship and Life in the Spotlight

Ohanian is a 2005 graduate of the University and the co-founder of the successful website Reddit.

It’s been a busy few years for Reddit co-founder and University of Virginia alumnus Alexis Ohanian. The tech entrepreneur was dubbed “Mayor of the Internet” for his outspoken defense of the open internet in 2015, rejoined Reddit full-time that same year and, in 2016, further expanded his seed-stage venture capital fund, Initialized Capital.

Ohanian is making headlines again in 2017 on several fronts. As renewed debate begins over net neutrality – the principle that internet service providers should have to enable equal access to all content, regardless of the source – he’s using his raised profile to continue the fight to preserve the open internet. He’s also joining the growing number of young tech entrepreneurs who are learning to balance their public work lives with their growing families. Ohanian and his fiancée, tennis star Serena Williams, recently announced the impending arrival of their first child later this year. Read More...