If you are looking for a place to work, collaborate, or just hang out with people who share your interest in Entrepreneurship, UVa has a variety of workspaces able to meet these needs. These spaces include: the i.Lab at UVA. HackCville, Lighthouse, SE @UVA, and OpenGrounds, among others.


The W.L. Lyons Brown III Innovation Laboratory, or i.Lab (621 Nash Drive, map link), provides support to entrepreneurs and innovators both on and beyond the UVA Grounds. The Batten Institute operates a number of programs out of the iLab, including the Incubator Program. Our nearly 10,000 square feet of space includes co-working facilities, maker space and tools, two classrooms, multiple meetings rooms, private office space, and an open lobby.


HackCville  (#9 and #17 Elliewood, map link) is a member-run, member-supported clubhouse and community of designers, makers, programmers, creatives, and the just plain curious. We’re for students who’ve got the passion and drive to make big things happen. We are about helping people at any skill level “hack” their projects, careers, or education. We’re the green house at #9 Elliewood on the Corner. If you’d like to get in touch with us about membership or workspace, email


The Lighthouse (Thornton B 218), home to Works in Progress, is dedicated to those who are seriously working on their project, where the culture is about getting things done and having fun. We are a community of students and alumni across the University of Virginia who are internally motivated to live and breathe our work in pursuing an entrepreneurial project (a high-growth startup, an impactful non-profit, a new device, a new club, etc). We're supported by University officials in the Engineering & Society Department, and we're open to all students and alumni.


Today’s major global challenges require coordination action across the non-profit, government and private sectors.  SE@UVA's mission is to advance our understanding of impactful collaborative models and to provide guidance to social entrepreneurs seeking to build highly functioning and effective cross-sector partnerships.