Launch Competition

Launch! is the third and final stage of the UVA Entrepreneurship Cup, and its goal is to showcase and provide seed capital to the most compelling student ventures. In past years, upwards of $50,000 in total prize and in-kind resources have been awarded.

This stage of the competition is about commitment, sustainability, and scale. Are the students committed to the venture? Is it likely that that the venture, whether a for-profit or nonprofit, could be sustainable (i.e., financially and operationally viable)? Could this venture grow to have the impact and/or the upside imagined by the founders?

Students at this point are able to provide evidence of real customer and/or stakeholder demand, and can provide a vision for how the venture could become a sustainable business or non-profit. Furthermore, these student ventures have often also begun the process of assembling the team and resources to deliver their product or service to new customers.


March 29, 2019 – Submissions due by 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time (HIGH NOON)

April 4, 2019 - 10 finalists are selected and notified by 5:00 p.m. EST via email 


1st Place ($20,000) - MIST
MIST technology significantly reduces the invasiveness of corrective procedures by requiring a single piece of hardware, specifically tailored to each patient through the use of their software.

2nd Place ($15,000) - Slay
Slay makes it seamless for users to discover a curated selection of nearby salons and book appointments through a monthly subscription, all while receiving guaranteed service discounts.

3rd Place ($10,000) - Uball 
Uball is a new sport and product that allows ultra-popular sport of basketball to now be played anywhere. Uball offers a basketball hoop set that can be packed up into a bag and assembled into the ground in minutes.


Dermalescent Brian Larsen, GEMBA Darden School of Business '20
* MIST Alexander Singh, Rohit Rustagi, and Eric Taleghani, Undergraduate School of Engineering and Applied Science '19
Riley Elizabeth Tikoyan, Curry School of Education '19
Shakti Apparel Shafat Khan, College of Arts & Sciences '19; Jane Hammaker, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy '19
Shenandoah Iron Dominick DeCanio, College of Arts & Sciences '22
Single Baked Sweets Melissa Stefaniak, EBMA Darden School of Business '19
* Slay Jade Palomino and Kelly Bonilla, Darden School of Business '20
SportSpot Patrick Obrien, McIntire School of Commerce '19
Swipes Erik Toor and Susie Kim, McIntire School of Commerce '20
Trulli Amanda Joseph and Pat Adams, Darden School of Business '19
* Uball Tim Shields and Molly Shields, College of Arts & Sciences '21

* Award Winners

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