Concept Competition

The Concept Competition is the first stage in a three part series of annual competitions organized under the UVA Entrepreneurship Cup. $25,000 in total prize money will be awarded as part of the Concept Stage.

The purpose of the Concept stage of the competition is to surface and seed ideas from all parts of the university at every stage of development. Students are encouraged to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that could be translated into compelling projects. Submissions are not expected to be a full business plan, and will not be penalized for not having a working prototype, fully developed team, forecast, revenues, etc.


Friday, October 26, 2018– Submissions are due by 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time (HIGH NOON)
Final Presentation Dates by Track


Science/Technology/Innovation Track:

*Smart CVT Nick Anselmo (SEAS Sys ‘20), Miller Garrett (SEAS ‘20), and Kevin Meyers (SEAS ’20)
*The “Self-Aware” Autonomous Lawnmower Joseph Carley (SEAS ‘22)
*WAND Smart Systems Raahish Kalaria (SEAS ’22)
*HydroTube Mariane Pereira (SEAS ’19), Joana Azevedo (SEAS ’19), and Oliver Nicholas (SEAS ‘19)
HydroClean Kevin Fletcher (SEAS ‘21) and Angela Yi (SEAS ’20)
Clip Wenxuan (Sharon) Zheng ( SEAS ’21)
*BraveX William Kodama (SEAS ’21), Dhyey Parikh (SEAS ‘21 ). And Yaman Shrestha (SEAS ’21)
RANA Kit Colin Moore (SEAS ’19), Rohan Taneja (SEAS ’21), Andy Hui (SEAS ‘21), Mary Blankemeire (SEAS ‘21), Hsing Chun Lin Lin (SEAS ’21), and Jason Thomas (SEAS ’20)
AdSonic Jacob Matriccno (SEAS ’20) Cameron Fard (SEAS ’20), Coke Matthews (SEAS ’20), and Matthew Angeley (COMM ’20)
Aloha Abu Syeed Mondol (SEAS PhD Candidate)

* = Award Winner

Consumer/Business-to-Business Track:

Financely Matthew Quan, A&S '21; Kavya Ravikanti, A&S; Yash Tekriwal
*Gait Connections Colin Rice, Darden '19; Clay Callaway, Darden '19
*Lotta Muhammad Ahmad, COMM '20; Naseerullah Khan, A&S '20
*My K-12 Advisor Carlos Bortoni, Darden '19
*Ocean Loans Peter Weicher, Darden '19
*Slay Kelly Bonilla, Darden '20; Jade Palomino, Darden '20
SportSpot Patrick Obrien, COMM '19; Suraj Reddy
StatXP Daniel Manning, Darden '19
Trulli Amanda Joseph, Darden '19; Pat Adams, Darden '19
Yeoman Steven Mortimer, Darden '19

* = Award Winner

Health Care Services & Technologies Track:

APS Chris Dauber, SEAS '22
*BeKeeper Michael Brophy, Darden '19
*ConTrack Alexander Singh, SEAS '19
Daily Planner Jake Moses, SEAS '21
ICAN Tanapol Kosolwattana, SEAS '20; Tanyaporn Pattarabanjird, Medicine '24
*InStep Alec Brewer, SEAS '21; Zack Landsman, SEAS '21
*MedLock Roy Jad, SEAS '22; Rishub Handa, SEAS '22; Sahil Parikh, A&S '22
*SmartCast Kara Koopman, SEAS '22; Dylan Fernandes, SEAS '22
MentalMassage Melinda Woods, EMBA ROS Darden ' 19; Carmen Recupero, EMBA CHO Darden '19
TeleNet Nishtha Sawhney, A&S '19; Jared Capelle, SEAS '19

* = Award Winner

Social Entrepreneurship:

*Hoos for Inclusive Sexual Education Hunter Wagenaar, A&S '21; Sydney Hainsworth, Curry '19; Hannah Lee, A&S '21
ResumeBlind Zane Alpher, SEAS '21; Kush Patel, SEAS '21; Jeremiah Thomas, SEAS '21
*Riley – the Social Network for the Disability, Ill, and Caretaker Community Elizabeth Tikoyan, Curry '19
Tropicaux Mamadi Diane, Darden '19; Keri Dickens, Darden '19; Rami Ibrahimi, Darden '19;
Marlon Evans, Darden '19; 
Ricardo Alcala Guzman, Darden '19; Dan Manning, Darden '19
DreamEd James Lapp, Darden '20
*Heartbeat Tomeka Carroll, SEAS '20
*Yielding Accomplished African Women Maame Esi Eghan, A&S '20; Esther Boachie, A&S '20; Diana Wilson; Eunice Kyereme
*Second Chance Coffee Yaxin Ren, COMM '20; Peiching Teo, COMM '19; Yifan Lim, COMM '20
Fabrikit Chelsea Li, A&S '20; Aditya Narayan, A&S; Timothy Schott, A&S '19; Neal Curtis, A&S '20
Sunny Side Rohan Singh, Architecture '22

* = Award Winner

The Concept Competition for the 2018-2019 academic year will be organized according to five themed tracks

  • Health Care Services & Technologies
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Consumer/Business-to-Business
  • Science/Technology/Innovation
  • UVA Wise (for students studying at the UVA College at Wise ONLY)

Students are allowed to enter the Track of their choosing, but encouraged to enter the Track that seems most appropriate for their project. The top five projects in each of the five Tracks will be awarded $1,000 each, for a total of $25,000 in awards.

2019 Summer iLab Incubator Program Opportunity for Concept Winners

The top five projects selected in each of the five Tracks will also be invited to apply for early selection to the 2019 iLab Incubator program. Teams interested in this early application will receive a request to meet with Jason Brewster, Director of the Incubator program, who will gather additional information about interested teams and their projects. Applying teams will then meet with the Incubator selection committee (Friday, November 30, 2018), with final decisions announced in December 2018.

For more information about the Concept Competition, follow the links below: